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FAQ Le Popeye
FAQ Le Popeye
Frequently Asked Questions


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You may contact us to cancel/modify your ticket via the Contact tab

The cancellation of your ticket can only done up to 12 hours before your departure.

For modifications, contact us at least an hour before your departure for LOTU, at least 12 hours before for SALECCIA. After this delay, no refunds will be made, but we can assure you that we will find a solution to your request if possible, and with a smile !

PLEASE NOTE, parking in August is quite difficult, we will not be able to postpone your to Saleccia and no refund will be made.

No problem for Lotu! We are the only company to dispose of two very large shuttles of 22 and 16 meters, each with comfortable seats, toilets and a shower on board.

Our captains are professionals, and even though the dinghys for Saleccia are very comfortable, if the weather is windy and the sea very wavy, the trip may not be suitable for you depending on the term of your pregnancy, in which case we will be able to find you another destination as well as a refund on your ticket for Saleccia.

Access to our ships and Lotu are very easy. Lotu has a jetty to arrive on, and the distance between the jetty and the beach is about 150m and rather flat. It is however not recommended for people in wheelchairs.

For Saleccia, due to the nature of the boats that bring you there, it will only be possible in exceptionally good weather, we recommend the first departures depending on the season.

Absolutely no problem for LOTU, our ships are large and comfortable.
For Saleccia, only in good weather, make sure to protect babies from the wind due to the boats speed.



In case of unfavorable weather, we limit the shuttles departure times, especially on Saleccia.
If the shuttles for Saleccia are cancelled and we were unable to contact you beforehand, you will be reimbursed in full.
If bad weather surprises us once you are already on the beach and we are unable to reembark you, your means of return and return time may be modified, you will of course be notified but no refunds will be made.

Our animal friends are accepted on all of our ships as well as on the beaches.
However, for the sake of mutual respect it is advisable for larger dogs to be muzzled.

The central car park (payment required) is located in the center of the village, just 200 meters from the Popeye ticket desk. Behind the local supermark (SPAR) is a free car park, open during the day late June through early September. Two other free car parks are located at the citadel, a 10 minute walk from our ticket office, giving you the opportunity to discover our villages’ historic center.

Public toilets are located right at the entrance of the central car parking lot.

For departures up until late June, 45 minutes before departure is ideal.
In August however, traffic jams are common and parking space is hard to come by, try to be there as early as possible, if you manage to park early, why not take the time to go for a walk along the streets of the village?
The boats leave on time and we do not issue refunds for being late.

PLEASE NOTE : Parking during August is very difficult, we will not be able to postpone trips to Saleccia if you are late and refunds will not be issued.

Aboard you will be able to purchase drinks, sandwiches, coffee, ice cream, as well as rent a parasol.
There is a restaurant/snack on each beach.

The Agriate desert is a protected landscape, lighting fires or wild camping are not tolerated.
You are responsible for your waste, large garbage containers are located at the entrance of the central parking lot.

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